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The best property investment areas in South Africa

Despite being hit with high-interest rates in South Africa over the past couple of months, the South African property market remains in a good place.
It is always a good time to invest in property, but it is still important to know in which areas in South Africa to best invest, due to trends in the current market.

Movement to coastal areas

It’s not only the retired looking to move to coastal areas anymore. Since lockdown, a lot of younger professionals have been working from home and enjoyed the freedom to move without jeopardising their careers. More young families have been relocating to coastal areas, to obtain a more tranquil and less stressed environment to have their children grow up in.
This trend makes the Western Cape with all its beautiful surroundings a very viable option to people looking to break away and enjoy a fresh start to life. The ideal towns surrounding Cape Town include Hermanus, Onrus, Langebaan and stretch through the Garden Route, Mossel Bay, Plettenberg Bay and George.
The trend does not only focus on moving to the heart of South Africa but also shifts to the Eastern side of our country to beautiful towns such as Jefferey’s Bay, St Francis Bay and Port Elizabeth. Ballito is the most popular option when considering investing in the property market in KwaZulu-Natal, not being too far from the city life of Durban and catering for a peaceful coastal living experience.

Increasing demand for affordable property

The current need South Africans have is affordable housing and this high demand results in great investment opportunities. As opposed to luxury properties in expensive suburbs, which have little to no growth predicted.
Investors should consider purchasing affordable housing in areas such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. These are the cities currently holding most of the South African population and is the demand in these areas high and the investment opportunities endless.

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