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Property funds and proceeds. Tips for getting paid earlier

Whether you need to move quickly to close the deal on a great, new property as an upgrade to your family home, or you are more concerned with increasing cashflow availability by minimising the costly delays in the transfer process of real estate, the CorpFin sellers’ proceeds solution can give an advance of your sale’s nett proceeds before successful registration or transfer with minimal paperwork and at an excellent cost.
Once the buyer’s purchase price has been secured or bonds confirmed, the advance process is seamlessly handled by CorpFin’s team. Once Corpfin receives the undertaking from the transferring attorney the agreement is approved and secured and a few minor documents have been provided, a portion of the net proceeds to be derived from the property are immediately transferred into your bank account. CorpFin will eventually recoup the amount advanced, plus agreed costs once the sale goes through and the property is registered in the name of the purchaser. The convenient and quick cash injection can now help you to secure your next property purchase or as a means of getting paid sooner, so that you can use the proceeds of the sale as you wish.
Experienced lenders such as CorpFin can ensure a quick turnaround, tailored funding solutions that match your needs, and the experience that comes from designing financial solutions for businesses across multiple industries. CorpFin invests in long-term business relationships and believes in partnerships to facilitate growth, with a team that is dynamic and innovative, adding multi-faceted value to your business.
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